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Heavy Equipment

Shipping automobiles and watercraft vehicles is one thing, but when it comes to entrusting a company to safely transport heavy equipment such as combines, tractors, and front loaders across long distances and varied terrain, you want a seasoned professional with brains to match brawn. Luckily, Riley Auto Transport draws on over a decade’s wealth of experience when it comes to successfully shipping commercial and industrial vehicles across the country. We offer full shipping service for all commercial and industrial relocation, providing a professional and expedited transportation solution for the transportation of all types of oversized vehicles and other commercial equipment.

How Does Heavy Equipment Transportation Work?

Loading and shipping heavy equipment is entirely different beast compared to the relatively simple process of preparing a commercial passenger vehicle for delivery. For starters, you can’t just load an industrial vehicle onto a regular multi-car transport truck. Given the average size and weight of such vehicles, the only way to safely prepare industrial equipment for long-distance transportation is to ship it on-board a lowboy trailer.

Of course, the specific type of truck used to haul your heavy equipment will depend on what exactly you need to be shipped. Rest assured, our fleet of moving trucks is fitted with an array of interchangeable flatbed configurations compatible with transporting a variety of heavy equipment loads. Our staff of highly-trained, industry-experienced professionals know the in-and-out intricacies and details that go into successfully transporting industrial equipment from pickup to final destination. You can trust Riley Auto Transport with every step in handling your heavy equipment, whether it be covering all vulnerable points before transit, securing permits from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), or delivering your equipment directly to your development site. Our customers frequently rank Riley Auto Transport as one of the best automotive transportation suppliers in the country. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate why!

Our Experience

From combines to tractors, front loaders to excavators, backhoes and forklifts and skidders; Riley Auto Transport has done it all and better than the rest. Heavy equipment hauling has been one of specialties for many years, and we provide professional and expedited transportation solutions for all types of oversized vehicles and commercial equipment. We guarantee nothing short of premium heavy vehicle transport service from start to finish. We believe in abiding by safe and secure loading procedures, as well as all as regulatory state and national requirements with regards to the handling of heavy equipment. We believe that you should expect nothing less when you have to entrust your heavy equipment transportation with a qualified shipping provider. Call us at 855-667-9345 to request a quote today!


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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

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