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How to Move a Car Across the Country

We’re not just an East Coast company—we can ship a car from any corner of the land. In fact, we can ship internationally, also. There is very little you need to know about the mechanics of managing the car shipping process. After all, that’s what you’re paying us to do for you. However, there’s one crucial thing that you need to know about the process—how to select the right company. It might look as if once you’ve seen one car transport company, you’ve seen them all. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

To move a car across the country, you’ve first got to learn how to discern the difference between a rock-solid, high-quality auto shipper and a mediocre low-quality company that will promise you the world and fail to deliver. There are some companies that will lure you in with a lowball price, only to disappoint you by taking three weeks to deliver your car with scratches on the quarter panel. Then, they will refuse to do anything about it. There are still other companies that will gouge you or overcharge you with ridiculously outrageous prices—without delivering any real value for the money. Worse still, there are companies that will overcharge and under-deliver.

Automobile Shipping Costs—the Hidden Truth

At Riley Auto Transport, we’ve adopted “faster, cheaper, better” as a mantra and a company policy. We’re always innovating new ways to optimize our delivery system. We don’t believe you should have to pay excessive prices for auto transport services, but we also believe that you should not have to wait a long time to receive your car or have to worry about the integrity of the service you are receiving. Any company can boast about “quality” and “customer service,” but how many auto transport companies truly walk their talk and put systems in place to back these words? Take it from us—not all of them!

We have built our business model around a simple principle: we engineer our systems to optimize for the best bargain. Using time-tested mathematical principles and real-time tracking tools, we know how to pinpoint the best value that we can deliver, using up-to-the-minute data to quote you the best price that is available using the best data that we’ve harvested at the time. Some companies are just brokers, and their quotes do not have this kind of sophisticated engine behind the numbers. For example, an auto shipping broker might just take the information you provide and send it to three or five car carriers, then come back with the cheapest quote. What’s elegant about that? Nothing. Plus, some web sites may ask for contact information that they will pass on to other companies so that you will soon find your phone ringing off the hook with sales calls.

We’ve developed uncommon mastery in the economics of state to state auto shipping. Perhaps that’s why we’re so often able to come in with the best quote and still deliver superior service.

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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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