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Texas is an iconic state with a unique and rich history of industry, entertainment, and culture. From Fortune 500 companies, delicious food, and spectacular sporting events—if you can find it in Texas, you can count on it being big. Same goes for the state’s population, with an estimated 26.96 million people living in and around Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, four of the most populous cities in the United States.

With an area of 268,602 square miles, Texas is the second largest state in the country, making driving through and across the Lone Star state a particular challenge for those who aren’t accustomed to the 12 hour endurance test. With all that ground to cover, why needlessly put hundreds of miles on your vehicle to deliver it in it makes more sense to ship your car through a reliable auto shipping provider. Texas is one of Riley Auto Transport’s most popular destinations, with an average of over twelve thousand vehicles shipped in and out of the Texas-state area a year. There’s a reason why so many customers overwhelmingly choose our service and not our competitors— Riley Auto Transport is not only one of the best auto shippers in the state but in the entire country, with affordable shipment options and sterling professionalism. See for yourself and apply for a free instant quote today!


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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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