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Transporting a private boat or  water vehicle can be a challenging and time-consuming task if handled improperly by an inexperienced mover. Don’t waste time on your second or third-best choice when Riley Auto Transport has the means, method, and know-how to successfully deliver your boat at a fraction our competitor’s cost. Our business operates in full compliance within all United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, ensuring that your boat, jet ski, or other form of watercraft vessel is delivered safely as well as on-time.

Riley Auto Transport is a first-class transportation solution provider, with a steady grasp on the logistics and practicalities of large vehicle shipments that can only be gained from years of exemplary service. We’re hands-on professionals who know the difference between shipping a boat versus an ordinary passenger vehicle. No haphazardly strapping a boat to a truck bed and simply hoping for the best; Riley Auto Transport offers enclosed shipping arrangements to fully insulate any vehicle within our care from harm. We are ready and able to deliver your powerboat or personal recreational watercraft vehicle, regardless of type or brand. Reach out by calling us at  1-855-667-9345 to get a quote and schedule a shipping date on the same day, it’s that simple!

Preparations for Shipping

Shipping a boat or recreational watercraft vehicle is a bit more involved when compared to your average passenger vehicle. For example: not all boats are built the same, so the specific dimensions and measurements of your boat, including full length and height, are imperative to a safe and expedient delivery. Following these easy steps will make the otherwise time-consuming nature of pickup and delivery all that much smoother of a process. First, record the measurements of your boat and take pictures along the exterior and interior. While preparing for transportation, it may be necessary for the boat to be partly disassembled for safety.

An additional precautionary reason for taking pictures is that, in the event of any damage incurred by your vehicle mid-transit, said damage can be easily verified upon delivery and allow you to be qualified for reimbursement. Some states require high poles or even an escort for transportation. If you are unable to prepare your boat, you can hire someone qualified at the boat yard to do so. Otherwise many times, if you’re boat is not prepared or oversized, transporters will attempt to ship it as is, which can result in damage or cause a major delay.

How Can Riley Auto Shipping Be Of Service To You?

Riley Auto Transport is one of the leading vehicle transport solution providers in the United States. With an experienced staff of shipping industry veterans and hundreds of satisfied customers willing to attest to our exceptional service, Riley Auto Transport is far and away the leading choice for all your vehicle delivery needs, personal watercraft or otherwise. We’re not like other vehicle shippers who strap your car to a loading tray with zero care or discretion. As your partner in shipping, we hold our business with you in the highest priority. You can count on us for all your vehicle transportation needs, passenger car or otherwise.


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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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