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Shipping Cars Cross-Country—How We Do It

You might be surprised to learn just how much effort goes into moving one single car from one city to another. You might think it’s no big deal until the first time you drive it there yourself! But a cross-country move, from the perspective of a network like the one we have, requires coordination of a lot of different things. We have to maintain a fleet of trucks, coordinate schedules and delivery times, monitor the cost of fuel and truck maintenance, while also arranging routes so as to keep trucks full and reduce waste.

When we receive a request for a quotation and a new customer places an order, we have to enter the data into our computer system to allocate the necessary resources to ensure that we will be able to pick up and deliver the vehicle on time. Shipping automobiles cross-country is a process that’s subject to a number of fluctuations and dependent events, such as changes in the weather, changes in traffic patterns, freeway accidents, and road construction. Some of these factors can be predicted and managed, but others cannot. We must absorb the extra costs that result from costly fluctuations. That’s part of why prices are sometimes higher than expected. Our competition has the same set of challenges to deal with, but they do not have the sophistication and expertise to manage it as well as we do. That’s why we are consistently able to deliver on “faster, cheaper, better” as the mantra of our organization.

Cost of Shipping a Car across the Country

Car shipping is the heart and soul of what we do. Ever since the first day we opened our doors, we have been looking for ways to reduce the end consumer’s cost without cutting corners. Contrary to popular belief, more expensive is not automatically better. It didn’t take us long to figure out that most of the industry was charging inflated prices because of inflated costs, inefficiencies in their internal operating systems, bloated infrastructures, and bad management. We refuse to operate our business that way. We found simple and easy ways to incrementally improve efficiency and pass the savings on to our customers. That’s how we’ve always been operating. While we aren’t always the cheapest, we always deliver.

It takes a world-class enterprise with an obsession for excellence to create a tight and efficient supply chain. That’s the difference when you ship a vehicle across the country with us. You aren’t just paying for any old company to ship a car inefficiently and being charged for the excess costs. You aren’t getting a low price in exchange for shoddy work. With us, you’re getting the best of both worlds, no matter where you’re coming from and no matter where you’re going. Transporting cars across the country requires precision engineering and tight accounting controls. We bring operational excellence to the auto shipping world. With us, you have total assurance that your car is in good hands. You will never have to worry about it again!

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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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