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RV Cross-Country Hauling

So you’re moving across the country and you own an RV. We haul all kinds of vehicles—including RV’s! Maybe you own a small piece of land that you’ve always parked your RV on before, and you’ve decided to relocate to a different spot. Or, perhaps you want to live off the grid and take your RV to a new location where you can establish it as a permanent live-in vehicle. Whatever the reason, we can eliminate the need for you to drive your RV all the way across the country and help you move it without breaking the bank. Our auto shipping experts will help you figure out the best options for shipping your RV, whether you’re moving from state to state or from coast to coast.

If you think that the best option is to drive your RV all the way across the country, consider that you can make your move a lot less stressful by having us ship your RV instead. Why put all those extra miles on your vehicle? Owning an RV is no small investment; you can extend the life of your RV and minimize wear and tear so that you can get as many good years out of it as possible. If you’re worried about the potential complications and logistics of shipping your RV, you don’t have to worry about that. We’ve taken care of the details, and we have it down to a science.

Shipping of oversize vehicles such as RV’s can be tricky business, which is why you need to hire a professional and reputable company to help you with your move. DOT regulations for hauling of RV’s, as well as necessary safety precautions, necessitate that you work with a company that isn’t just figuring out how to do this for the first time. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. We have plenty of experience shipping all kinds of vehicles. We can take care of all the details hauling your RV, and we will help you plan everything in advance.

Cost to Ship an RV across the Country

As with boat shipping, our standard instant quote form does not support RV shipping. In order to give you a price for shipping an RV cross-country, we’ll need you to fill out our Specialized Quotation form. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible, and our customer service representatives will explain everything you need to know to get your RV to its new home. The cost of shipping an RV, like anything else, can vary according to the weight, dimensions, and special requirements that you may have. Due to the fact that RV’s are oversize vehicles and can have odd dimensions, different equipment needs to be used. We need to get the full specs on your vehicle in order to quote a price.

Now is not the time to pinch pennies—be sure to hire the professionals when it comes to transporting your RV!

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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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