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New York

There’s no question why New York has earned the nickname of the “Empire State”. Home to one of the most iconic cities in the world, New York is a major focal point of commerce, culture, trade, and industry. New York City is one of the most populous cities in the country, with an estimated population of 8.406 million and counting as of 2013. As one of the metropolitan epicenters of the world and consequently one of the fastest growing regions for moving and business development, it follows that traffic in New York City would be particular difficult. In fact, according to the American Highway Users Alliance, the Big Apple is home to no less than nine of the nation’s most notoriously congested bottlenecks. Moving your vehicle in or out of New York can be a hassle, whether it’s a day long trip upstate or as far away as Kissimmee, Florida. Why saddle yourself with the unnecessary stress of driving your vehicle cross-country when you could look to Riley Auto Transport to do the heavy moving?

From East Coast to West Coast, Riley Auto Transport prides itself as one of the country’s premiere auto transport service providers, offering customers a surplus of affordable, easy to parse shipment and delivery option from which to choose from. Whether it’s shipping a classic automobile or even a motor RV home, Riley specializes in open and enclosed shipping with door-to-door delivery. Our fleet is insured for up to $1 million, ensuring that in the unlikely event of anything going wrong with a shipment mid-delivery, any damage incurred by your vehicle will be covered — guaranteed. At Riley, customer satisfaction, expedient delivery, and asset protection are our number one priorities. Apply for an instant quote today and track your shipment in real-time through our web site. When it comes to auto shipping, Riley Auto Transport is with you every step of the way.


Vehicle in running condition:   Yes    No
Shipping Preference:   Open    Enclosed


My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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