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East Coast Car Shipping

Riley Auto Transport is conveniently located in Chicago, making us your ideal partner for shipping along the coastline all the way from Maine to the southern tip of Florida. Don’t get us wrong; we still ship to the West Coast as well, and everything in between! But as far as East Coast auto transporters go, Riley Auto Transport is a company whose track record can’t be beat. Our prices, our speed of delivery, and our friendliness of service make for a winning combination that you won’t soon forget.

When it comes to car shipping on the East Coast, our superior methodology is particularly advantageous. We don’t just hire other car companies to ship your car for us; we use our own fleet and manage it in house. We are committed to delivering faster, cheaper, and better—and that’s something we can’t guarantee if we have to deal with middle men. We can move your car up and down the East Coast and track your vehicle’s progress all the way. Our tracking technology is wired into our live call center so that our dedicated support team is able to find up-to-the-minute status updates from the driver on the road. You don’t find sophistication like this everywhere. We admit it; we’re geeks, and we love it. Not many people get excited about things like East Coast car shipping, but we do!

The real-time tracking system that we’ve put in place is effective all the way from the Canadian border to the southern tip of Florida. That means that we can track your car from door to door. We don’t transfer your car from one carrier to another; we stay on top of the whole thing. That means that if you call us with any questions or concerns, we don’t have to put you on hold just to find out what’s going on and where your car is at!

Covered Car Transport Option

When shipping a car up and down the Coastal states, you might want to consider electing for the enclosed option. Rather than shipping your car on an open carrier, you can place your car inside a 360-degree enclosure apparatus that wraps your vehicle inside a cocoon of protection. Why take your chances with cross-winds, hail, sleet, flying debris, and other unpredictable projectiles subject to the whims of nature? If there are tornados or hurricanes, we generally advise our truck drivers to pull off to a safe location, but open car carriers can only guarantee a degree of shielding.

Regardless of what brings you up and down the East Coast, we’ve got your car covered. No more sitting in traffic on I-95 in construction zones for you—we’ll deal with that mess for you! Instead, you can just hop on a plane and fly to your destination while our drivers bring your car right to you. If you choose an expedited shipping option, we might even be able to get the car to your destination not long after you arrive. The possibilities are endless. West Coast shipping is also available. Riley is your coast-to-coast auto towing resource for the twenty-first century.

Vehicle in running condition:   Yes    No
Shipping Preference:   Open    Enclosed


My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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