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Cross Country Boat Transport

Boat TransportDo you have a boat that you need to bring to a different location? Thinking about towing it behind your car on a long road trip? Forget that! Let us take care of your boat for you. Our car transport services can be employed to carry your boat across the country just as easily as we can haul a regular car. If you have a lake home and can’t wait to put your boat on the water—or if it’s time to put your boat in storage for the winter—we can pick up your boat and handle everything for you.

Specialized equipment is often required in order to secure a boat to a shipping apparatus for the voyage to the destination. We are professionals, and we know the legal requirements for handling these kinds of needs. You don’t need to sweat the details; our customer service representatives will make sure that you’re aware of everything you need to know to have us take care of moving your boat for you. We will let you know about any fees or surcharges up front when you make your reservation. Not all shipping companies are as knowledgeable as we are, but shipping vehicles is our core business. We know it inside and out, and we will make sure that there are no surprises or hidden costs.

Instant Boat Shipping Quotes

Our instant shipping quote form only works for cars, trucks, and SUV’s; however, you can use our Specialized Quote Form to get a price on moving a boat across the country or up and down the coast. Just enter your information and one of our agents will get back to you quickly. We will not share your information with anyone else, or sell or rent it out to third-party marketing lists. We will promptly follow up with you to make sure that you get your questions answered with regard to shipping your boat.

How to Ship a Ski Boat across the Country

We ship all kinds of boats! We can ship rowboats, powerboats, single-rider ski-boats, canoes, kayaks, and pretty much anything that will float on the water. Our specialized quote form will put you in contact with our customer service agents, who will let you know whether or not we are able to ship your specific boat and what the cost will be. We are able to ship most types of watercraft without any problems.

As with car shipping, we can pick up your boat at the origin and carry it directly to the destination point. Be aware, however, that if you are planning to move your boat into or out of a storage facility, our trucks may not be able to enter the facility due to size and weight restrictions. You may need to bring the boat outside of the facility for the purpose of loading it onto the truck, but we will meet you right at the gate.

Give us a call today and let’s get your boat on the road!

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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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