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From Minivans To Miatas, We Ship A Variety Of Vehicles Across The Country

As a nationally-recognized auto transport service that caters to a diverse client base spread throughout the country, Riley Auto Transport are experienced  in transporting a vast assortment of make and model vehicles from state to state. Are you a young driver looking to strike out on your own in a new state in your first vehicle? What about a busy working professional with an affinity for classic cars? No worries, Riley has been an industry leading automotive transport service for over a decade now and live up to a reputation of exemplary care for our customer’s property.


Transporting a boat or recreational vehicle can seem like a daunting task for those who have never done it. After all, who can you trust to deliver your boat across the country on-time and intact with optimum efficiency at an affordable pricing? Relax: Riley Auto Transport offers nothing short of comprehensive auto transport service aimed at ensuring timely deliveries and customer satisfaction. Abiding by United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, not to mention keeping a handle on the fluctuating logistics of loading and transportation is crucial to the successful delivery of your private boat or vehicle. We’re not like other auto transport providers who just strap your vehicle to a truck bed and wish it luck. Riley Auto Transport is dedicated to a transparent and open dialogue with our customers, offering step by step updates on a vehicle’s preparation and route to their destination. The auto transport service you hire should be aware and prepared for any scenario—with the right trailer type, the right loading equipment, and the right staff trained and ready to bring a delivery to a successful completion.

We’ve successfully shipped hundreds of vehicles for customers of all backgrounds, from vacationing snowbirds, to college-bound young adults, to families looking to start a new life in an exciting new part of the country. Rest assured, Riley possesses the tools, talent, and expertise necessary to getting the job done.


Riley Auto Transport specializes in automotive transportation services for vehicles of all makes and models, not just your everyday passenger vehicles. From contemporary sports cars to vintage classics, Riley is far from any another run of the mill auto transport provider. We’re enthusiasts who know the value and appreciation put into every specialty vehicle we’re commissioned to deliver, and we show that enthusiasm through the care and attention we put into loading, unloading, and delivering said vehicles to their rightful owners. Whether you’re shipping a beloved family-size vehicle or the company car, you want an auto transportation company with a sterling track record of successful deliveries completed within accordance of United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. At Riley Auto Transport, we look forward to earning your patronage through our commitment to quality service.

Our goal is to make the process of moving your vehicle as smooth and as stress-free as possible. Part of making your auto mover experience as easy as possible is being transparent so you know what to expect during the process. If you have additional questions or need affordable car transport, our highly trained and experienced staff is just a phone call away at 1-855-667-9345.

Heavy Equipment

Riley Auto Transport is an experienced and trusted auto transportation provider with a valued reputation for delivering classic cars, private boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. But that’s not all we do— we also provide shipping service for companies looking to professionally transport heavy equipment across the country. We offer full shipping service for all commercial and industrial relocation, providing professional transportation solutions suited for all types of equipment including though not limited to over-sized construction vehicles and other commercial equipment. At Riley, we match the unique size and weight of each piece of equipment and machinery to its ideal transport vehicle. If you’re looking for a dependable transportation service that offers a combination of quality equipment handling and shipping with affordability, Riley Auto Transport is the perfect combination of the two.

No shipment is too tall or too heavy that our trained experienced drivers can’t transport safely. We provide pilot cars (escorts) when required on these specialized shipments as heavy equipment transporters. Whether your over-dimensional/heavy haul shipment needs require one of our specialty trailers, permits such as state or county permits, or escorted services, Riley Auto Transport is the #1 heavy haul transportation specialist for you. We have the heavy haul trucking solutions to meet your needs.


Riley Auto Transport is an industry leader in motorcycle relocation.  With years of experience under our belts and effusive testimonials from dozens of satisfied customers, your motorcycle could not be in safer or more reliable hands than with Riley Auto Transport. We have successfully shipped thousands of motorcycles for individuals, dealers, events, auctions and general relocation. When you’re looking for an affordable, dependable, and expedient service to transport your motorcycle across the country without logging thousands of miles on your odometer, Riley Auto Transport is the answer.

At Riley, we know that shipping and delivering motorcycles correctly is a whole other beast compared to shipping cars and trucks. The way that motorcycles are constructed is such that they are more sensitive to shock and vibration which, while making them more responsive to maneuver and drive, also makes them more susceptible to damage as well.  We use enclosed shipping vans for motorcycles, loading them onto our trucks via lift gates rather than using ramps to ensure that they are properly stabilized, strapped and secured. Our drivers know the time and care that goes into maintaining the vehicles they’re entrusted to deliver, whether it be a family sedan or an expensive new Harley-Davidson. That’s why we go so above and beyond with our safety measures, to reward your patronage and trust with the level of service you and your motorcycle need and deserve. That’s what sets Riley Auto Transport apart from the rest.

RVs & Travel Trailers

Standard shipping is simple enough for cars, trucks, and even motorcycles. But what about more unwieldy vehicles such as RVs and trailers? Not to worry, Riley Auto Transport has you covered. Recreational vehicles are built to withstand long distances and adverse terrain, but if you’re looking for an alternative means to transport your RV across the country that’s reliable and cost-effective, Riley Auto Transport is the way to go. We go to great lengths to ensure that your experience with us transporting your RV or trailer is as safe and hassle-free as possible. Riley Auto Transport works in accordance within all United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations to make sure your delivery is accurate and on-schedule, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Shipping RVs and trailers can be a tricky business, what with their considerable size and awkward bulkiness. Whether you’re making a permanent move across the country or make a seasonal leisure trip to stay ahead of the weather, our auto shipping experts will help you figure out the best options for shipping your RV or trailer. Riley has experience shipping vehicles of all makes and models. Trust us: We’ll handle all the details in hauling and transporting your RV, while helping you to plan everything for your move in advance.


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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

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