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Our customers rank us as one of the most reliable and efficient auto shipping providers in the country, and for good reason. At Riley Auto Transport, we care about your car as much as you do, and that shows through our concerted effort to offer affordable pricing options that match our comprehensive delivery services. Whether you’re shipping a domestic passenger car or an exotic export, classic cars or top of the line SUVs, our dedicated team of expert shipping professionals have the skills and know-how to see your vehicle safely to its destination. Our proprietary pricing software is designed to give you the best value for your purchase, ensuring that you receive a fair estimate that matches the quality and expediency of your shipment.

On-Time Delivery

We know how important your time is. When you put your trust and hard-earned cash towards hiring an auto shipping provider, you expect your delivery to be met on-time and intact. We couldn’t agree more, which is why Riley Auto Transport credits its commitment to professionalism and punctual to our “faster, cheaper, better” mentality. Whether you’re planning a standard cross-country move or perhaps a more elaborate corporate move, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with an season auto shipping solutions provider that knows how to get the job done to spec and on schedule.

Safety is a High Priority

The safety of your vehicle and those who transport it is paramount to our operations. That’s why each of our exhaustively vetted team of drivers are licensed, insured, and DOT/FMCSA compliant. We take the security of our assets and those who handle them very seriously, and we believe passionately that every step of our shipping process should be marked by a meticulous attention to detail and compliance with United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

Competitive Pricing

We’re well aware that we’re not the only option you have in auto shipping solutions. In the interest of staying ahead of the curb of our competition and offering our customers the best possible service at the most cost-efficient price, we’ve engineered our pricing system to balance our prices against that of our competitors to offer the best estimate prices without compromising quality. We believe in earning your business through demonstrably superior service that works within your budget. We’re committed to providing you with exemplary shipping solutions without breaking the bank.

Experience with Multiple Vehicle Types

Our suite of shipping trucks are fitted to accommodate a diversity of vehicles of all types, shapes, and sizes. Whether you’re planning to move a fleet of regular passenger cars, delivery trucks, motorcycles, or even heavy duty sized vehicles such as buses and construction equipment, Riley Auto Transport has the means and manpower to get the job done. Our staff, facilities, and moving equipment all adhere to necessary licensing and required certifications, so no matter what the size or type of vehicle you’re looking to transport, you can rest assured that your delivery will be on-time and under budget. At Riley Auto Transport, we pride ourselves on the comprehensive level of expertise and professionalism we bring to every project’s completion, whether it be a single vehicle delivery or a large-scale fleet assignment.

Business Experience

Riley Auto Transport is one of the leading vehicle transport solution providers in the United States. With an experienced staff of shipping industry veterans and hundreds of satisfied customers willing to attest to our exceptional service, Riley Auto Transport is far and away the leading choice for all your vehicle delivery needs. We’re not like other car shippers who strap your car to a loading tray with zero care or discretion. As your partner in shipping, we hold our business with you in the highest priority. You can count on us for all your vehicle transportation needs, passenger car or otherwise.

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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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