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As a nationally recognized provider of automotive transport, Riley Auto Transport prides itself in offering a diverse range of services to clients all throughout the country. Although a majority of our clients are based out of the East Coast, it’s not uncommon for our most popular routes to take us anywhere from the Windy City of Chicago and  the Heat of Houston, Texas to the small town charm of Kissimmee, Florida and the cosmopolitan bustle of Rochester, New York.


For most, California is the uncontested seat of technological innovation in the United States; a picturesque state of grassy knolls, urban sprawl, wide open plains and clear blue skies. To us, California is one of the most successful and highly valued territories that Riley Auto Transport has had the privilege to serve. Trust us, we’re all too familiar with the bustling congestion of Los Angeles’ outlying highways and know our way around how to navigate across the state’s famous peaks and valleys. Whether you’re a snowbird seeking refuge from the frigid chill of winter or relocating to set down roots on the East coast, Riley Auto Transport will ensure that you won’t have to go without your trusted vehicle when you touch down at your destination. We guarantee it! View More About California Shipping »


Known as one of the most popular auto shipping hubs on the East Coast, Riley Auto Transport is proud to offer its services to clients looking to ship vehicles to and from the Sunshine State. Why drive all the way down I-95 for nineteen hours, inflicting unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle while logging several hundred miles, when you could have someone else transport it for you without the work and hassle? If you’re looking for an auto transport service to deliver priority vehicles from the humid beach fronts of Miami to the frigid climates of upstate New York, Riley Auto Transport is without a doubt your best choice. View More About Florida Shipping »


Based out of Chicago, Riley Auto Transport is proud to serve the Illinois state-area. The Prairie State is an essential part of the American heartland, home to some of the nation’s most industrious farmers and savvy innovators. Illinois is a touchstone territory in which all major modes of transport and shipping flow through. For this and many more reasons, Riley Auto Transport couldn’t ask for a better place to act as one of the nation’s leading automotive transport providers. Whether it’s shipping a beloved family car to California for the winter or shipping a heavy duty vehicle from New York to meet the snow head-on, Riley Auto Transport can be trusted every step of the way. View More About Illinois Shipping »

New York

New York is a city that stands tall in the minds of most Americans. Dubbed ‘The Capital of the World’, New York is the economic center of the East coast, with Wall Street and the city’s booming entertainment sector attracting over 50 million tourists a year. This quality also makes New York one of the most inhospitable cities to drive through in the world, with back to back traffic and little room to maneuver. If you’re planning to relocate out West, why put your car through the unneeded exhaustion of a cross-country trip when you can look to Riley Auto Transport to handle the heavy moving for you? No matter the vehicle, no matter the time of year, no matter the weather, Riley Auto Transport goes above and beyond to offer quality service and safe transportation of our customer’s vehicles. View More About New York Shipping »


Texas, also known as ‘The Lone Star State’, has a sterling reputation for prioritizing both size and quality in all things. Riley Auto Transport shares those sensibilities, which is why we’re proud to declare the state as one of our most popular shipping destinations. Riley welcomes all customers who are looking for the best in automotive transport to safely handle their vehicles. Whether it’s a commercial passenger car, motorcycle, motorboat, or truck, you can be certain that your vehicle’s relocation will be successful with Riley Auto Transport. View More About Texas Shipping »

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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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