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Comparing RV Transport Companies

Looking for a great provider to haul your RV? There are plenty of RV transport companies out there, and at first glance, you might start to think that they’re all the same. But don’t be fooled! You can’t find companies like Riley Auto Transport everywhere. If you’re moving your RV across the country or from state to state, we strongly urge you to stop looking now, because you have found a truly one-of-a-kind service provider. Our experienced drivers have the knowledge and equipment that you need to haul your RV to its new home.

Shipping RV’s and other oversize vehicles is not a job for amateurs. Why entrust your sizable investment to the care of just anyone? This is the kind of situation that calls for the experienced help of a qualified professional. At Riley Auto Shipping, we know how much you value your RV! After all, RV’s were designed and built to be full-time live-in vehicles. They are engineered to provide power and water from a trailer hookup. These vehicles have a lot of important electronic subsystems on board to ensure that you have a lot of fun driving them. It’s somewhat like shipping expensive china across the country.  Would you want to hire someone who’s going to toss your antique china around or drop it on the floor? That’s why you want to hire only the top pros when it comes to moving your RV.

RV Shipping Quotes

To get an RV shipping quote from our web site, you’ll need to utilize a slightly different process. Instead of using the standard Instant Quote form, submit a request for a specialized quote. The regular Instant Quote form is designed for traditional passenger vehicles. RV transport quotes sometimes require us to ask some specific questions about your make and model of RV, as well as the logistics of your move. We have not yet incorporated this functionality into our Instant Quote form, but stay tuned. We are always making improvements to every area of our business. We’ll be sure to post updated information on the site when this functionality becomes available! In the meantime, our customer support team will be happy to assist you by phone and do anything needed to make your RV shipping experience a pleasant one.

The Cost to Ship Your RV Across the Country

Once you’ve contacted us to get a quote, you might want to consider what you’re paying for. The cost to ship your RV across the country includes pickup at your current site and drop-off at the location of your choice. We will also insure your RV against any damage that may occur during the shipping process. But more importantly, we will take every precaution in our power to make that insurance unnecessary! To give you added peace of mind, we provide our real-time tracking service for RV’s as well as regular automobiles and other vehicles. You will never have to guess where your RV might be in relation to its destination. We’ve got it covered.

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My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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