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What is the cost for shipping vehicles?

The cost of shipping a car can vary,  of course, depending on a number of different things. However, when you use Riley Auto Transport, we take the guesswork out of the equation. Our instant quote form spares you from having to submit your information and wait for someone to call you back. If you just want to know how much it will cost to ship your specific vehicle, skip straight to our instant quote form on this page and enter some basic info about your vehicle. Within seconds, you will have an estimated price.

How long will it take to ship my car?

Generally speaking, we are able to ship most cars within five days of the time that the car is picked up. This is just an average, of course. Sometimes it can happen faster, and sometimes it can take longer—depending on how far you need the car shipped and highway conditions. We make every effort to get your car to your destination as quickly as possible, because we know that you need to get back behind the wheel.

Do you ship cars that aren’t running?

Yes, we can ship cars that are not in running. Be sure to let us know this when you place your order.

Can you pick up my car at my house?

Yes—we offer door to door shipping from the point of origin all the way to the destination. However, there are some exceptions. Certain roads are too narrow for a car carrier to enter, and some roads prohibit trucks. Most of the time, we can pick up and drop off cars without a problem. If for any reason, a driver is unable to enter your street or neighborhood, we will call you directly to make alternate arrangements.

What payment terms do you offer?

We do not charge anything until a driver is assigned to your vehicle, at which time we require a deposit. We accept all major credit cards. Ask your customer service representative for more information about payment options.

Can you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes, we can! We will ship anywhere in the United States.

Will you ship my car anywhere in the world?

We do offer international shipping services, but there are some limitations. We do not ship into Canada or Mexico—but we can take your car as far as the border. If you would like to ship a car to another country, give us a call and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

If this page didn’t answer your question, give us a call and we will answer any question you might have! Our customer service reps are standing by to help.

Vehicle in running condition:   Yes    No
Shipping Preference:   Open    Enclosed


My dune buggy was shipped across the country without issue and delivered without any complaints!      

Nathan C.

Riley Auto Transport customer

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